Wooden blinds comprise of horizontal slats that are connected together by a pulley system. This horizontal type of blinds is also known as venetian blinds, where you can get an uninterrupted view by fully raising the slats to the top of the window. These wooden blinds can block the outside view and light by simply lowering the slats and rotating them to an almost vertical position. Moving to other positions can allow control over how much natural light you let in and change the degree of privacy you keep.

Our wooden blinds are available in an array of colours as well as various shades of stains and varnish. If you prefer, we can supply gloss or matte painted surfaces to suit your home for a modern look. For a warmer and cosy ambiance, we suggest that you go for darker shades of varnish. Whatever mood or tone you may want to evoke, let us show you our range of wooden functional and furnishing blinds that will create the right look.

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